Weigela is an example of a shrub that’s easy to propagate by taking hardwood cuttings in the fall. (Photo by Joanne Young)

How to take hardwood cuttings

Judith Adam

Taking hardwood cuttings in the fall is an easy, economical way to increase plants through vegetative reproduction. Reproduce your favourite shrubs.

When to prune spring-flowering shrubs

Judith Adam

Although spring-flowering shrubs such as lilacs can vary in their bloom times, there’s far less leeway about when to prune spring flowering shrubs.

Blue hydrangea (Photo by Heather Hayden)

Understanding blue hydrangea

Judith Adam

If you’ve purchased a small blue hydrangea in a pot for a holiday and then planted it in the garden, in subsequent years it has probably turned pink.

New plants for 2010

Garden Making

Eagerly anticipated by gardeners are the new plants that nurseries, seed companies and breeders roll out every year. It could ...