An easy way to make soil

Judith Adam

Autumn is a good time to renovate soil and prepare new beds that will be ready for planting as soon as frost leaves the ground.

Conifer needles good for the soil

Judith Adam

The conifer needles that fall on Judith Adam's property remain where they fall on soil or lawn, making a soft mulch.

Lupines like acidic soil and lots of drainage, so heavy clay soil just won’t do. These lupines are happily growing in hard-packed gravel.

How to grow lupines

Kat Fox

How to grow lupines. These plants are tall, colourful perennials.

'Clair Matin' climbing rose (Photo by Brendan Adam-Zwelling)

How to winterize roses

Judith Adam

When it's time to begin to winterize roses, give special attention to rose climbers such as ‘Clair Matin.’

Incorporating leaves into the soil is a good way to boost plant health. (Photo by Brendan Zwelling)

Why we feed the soil

Judith Adam

By feeding soil, we then let the soil feed the plants. The best way to feed soil is to add leaves (dug in or as mulch).