Don’t overlook spireas

Beckie Fox

I’ve declared Spiraea thunbergii ‘Fujino Pink’ to be my favourite spirea at one point, but I’ve changed my mind; Glow Girl birchleaf spirea (S. betulifolia Glow Girl) is my new favourite.

Weigela is an example of a shrub that’s easy to propagate by taking hardwood cuttings in the fall. (Photo by Joanne Young)

How to take hardwood cuttings

Judith Adam

Taking hardwood cuttings in the fall is an easy, economical way to increase plants through vegetative reproduction. Reproduce your favourite shrubs.

Campfire roses bearclusters of flowers with 20 petals that open yellow and develop pink edges that gradually spread and turn rose-red before they drop. (Photos by Stephen Westcott-Gratton)

Three tricoloured plants for Canada’s 150th party

Stephen Westcott-Gratton

Flowering plants that simultaneously bear blooms of three different colours – tricoloured plants – Campfire rose, ‘Genpei’ Japanese spirea, Carnaval weigela

Double Play Artist, a short spirea that emerges in spring with rich purple-red leaves that turn blue-green for summer, has burgundy foliage in autumn. (Photo by Brendan Adam-Zwelling)

There’s something about spirea

Stephen Westcott-Gratton

From traditional cultivars to newer, longer — and larger — blooming ones, versatile Japanese spireas (Spiraea japonica cvs.) will work in any garden.

Double Play Artist, a short spirea introduced by Proven Winners, displays cheerful fall foliage. (Photo by Brendan Zwelling)

New spirea: the last colourful plant

Judith Adam

The leaves fell from most every plant this week, with the exception of a new spirea that surprised me with ...