Blooming where we’re planted

Jodi DeLong

We may garden for many different reasons, but one of the best of reasons is the camaraderie that we gain from having a passion for planting, writes Jodi DeLong.

Bandana Landscape Pink lantana (Garden Making photo)

Bedding plants catch the eye

Beckie Fox

Many new bedding plants are being introduced. Here's what caught my eye at the 35th Canadian Greenhouse Conference.

Ostrich ferns (Photo by Jodi DeLong)

Fiddleheads for spring

Jodi DeLong

In May, fiddleheads are a rite of spring in Atlantic Canada. Ostrich ferns are the source of the delectable fiddlehead.

Red Hot Returns daylily (Photo from Heritage Perennials)

Hepaticas: harbingers of spring

Jodi DeLong

What garden event signifies to you that spring has really, truly arrived in your part of the country?

'Charles Lamont' viburnum is an early-blooming shrub. Photo by Brendan Zwelling

When to apply spring fertilizers

Judith Adam

When is the best time to provide spring fertilizers to help the plants restore themselves? Acting too quickly can sometimes interfere with what's best.

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