A collection of Japanese string art, also known as kokedama. (Photo by Wikimedia)

How to make kokedama

Heather White

Elegant in their simplicity, Japanese moss balls, called Kokedama, are easy to create. We show you how, but be warned—there are strings attached.

Overwintering succulents

Overwintering succulents

Kat Fox

Overwintering succulents requires a sunny spot to live in and go dormant until spring. They don't need to get watered until they're coming out of dormancy.

A beginner’s guide to loving and growing succulents

Kat Fox

Marian and Louis Damm, owners of Floral Dimensions, answered some of my beginner questions and I also saw some amazing ideas for displaying succulents.

My fire sticks succulent put on a lot of new growth this summer. I spread pea gravel on the top of the soil to help with drainage, since it doesn't like much water. I’m trying to mimic "desert-like" conditions for it.

Long on ambition, short on follow-up

Kat Fox

When I started gardening just a few years ago, I began with some seed packets, one strawberry plant, a few ...