Saving tomato and pepper seed

Judith Adam

Saving seeds can be as easy as collecting and drying pepper seed, and safely packaging them. It is a bit more complicated to save tomato seed.

And the winner is: Mighty Sweet grape tomato

Judith Adam

This year's winner is Mighty Sweet grape tomato, a tomato with a robust flavour, crisp fleshy walls and no cracks, even after all the rain we had in July.

'Brandywine' tomatoes, the variety being grafted onto hardier rootstock. Photo from Stokes Seeds.

Grafted tomatoes promise hardier plants

Kat Fox

Grafted tomato plants will be available to home gardeners, who can then grow tomatoes with the vigour of specific rootstock and the taste of specific fruit.

'Brandywine' tomatoes, looking ready to bite into. Photo from Stokes Seeds

Old and new tomatoes to grow

Judith Adam

Tomatoes to grow were a big part of the childhood gardens of Judith Adam. Suggestions for hybrid tomatoes and guide to tomato plant abbreviations.

Dwarf tomato seeds

Judith Adam

Judith Adam is picky about the tomatoes she grows. In the hundreds of tomatoes in seed catalogues, it’s not easy to find dwarf tomato seeds.

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