The tomato cages and stakes just didn't cut it, and now a big wooden stick is trying to hold mo monster tomatoes back from the peppers in front. Marigolds and sage are hiding in the cinder blocks under my tomato monster, and I think they'll have to accept that their "time in the sun" has passed. That corner will never see sun again.

Lessons from the veggie garden

Kat Fox

It’s time for an update on my first ever vegetable bed.

‘Momotaro’ tomato (Photo from Tomato Growers Supply Company)

The ‘Momotaro’ tomato catches my eye

Judith Adam

Momotaro tomato was bred in Japan. Many growers say it’s the most delicious tomato — intensely rich and sweet, with just the right amount of acid.

Walking through the masses of tomatoes in Stokes Seeds' trial gardens.

Taste-testing veggies at Stokes

Kat Fox

Kat Fox visited Stokes Seeds’ trial gardens in St. Catharines, Ont., to enjoyed taste-testing veggies and learn about a new way to grow tomatoes.

As temperatures drop, tomatoes need extra care (Garden Making photo)

Tips for late tomatoes

Judith Adam

Tomatoes are notoriously sensitive to temperature and weather changes. Here are tips to get the best from tomatoes late in the season.

'Fooled You' hybrid peppers. Photo from William Dam Seeds

‘Fooled You’, too

Judith Adam

I’ve found Fooled You peppers, hybrid Jalapenos, with the characteristic flavour, minus the heat. Tissue-burning capsaicinoid compounds, produced by fruits of chili peppers, is bred out.