Our native white cedar (Thuja occidentalis). Photo from Humber Nurseries.

Choosing conifer trees

Kat Fox

Choosing conifer trees is a big deal. It’s no wonder new gardeners (and maybe not just new gardeners!) start to get nervous when making their choice.

The peeling bark of river birch (Photo by Brendan Zwelling)

River birch at winter’s end

Judith Adam

Before buds burst out in leaf, look around your garden and consider if it has enough winter interest. We make ...

Fern-leaved beech has narrow, glossy leaves in summer, bronze leaves in fall and attractive grey bark year round. (Photo by Brendan Zwelling)

My favourite, the fern-leaved beech tree

Judith Adam

The fern-leaved beech is a tree of true elegance, with narrow glossy green leaves that turn burnished bronze in autumn and form the most ideal leaf mulch. In winter the grey bark is similar to the hide of an elephant, and the glossy chestnut brown buds are delicately pointed.

Behold the beautiful beech tree

Beckie Fox

Nothing outshines a beech tree in autumn, although it is an imposing tree in all seasons. The leaves glow orange and russet.

Just say no to tree staking

Beckie Fox

Another tree-care myth the needs to be re-considered is the tradition of tree staking where all newly planted trees are attached to stakes.