Garden Making Editor-in-Chief Beckie Fox

Container gardening: How to design and plant a container

Garden Making

How-to container gardening video. Beckie Fox gives container garden ideas and tips on how to design and plant a container garden. Choose colours and plants.

Container Gardening Basics

Beckie Fox

In this video, Garden Making's Beckie Fox explains container gardening basics. For success with containers, you need the right container and soil mix.

Making the garden for new plants at Canada Blooms

Garden Making

We take you behind the scenes to see the setup of the Garden Making Plant Walk of Fame, which highlighted 15 ...

Rodger Tschanz

New plants in Guelph greenhouse

Garden Making

Video about new plants. We visit Rodger Tschanz at the University of Guelph to check up on the new trial plants grown for Garden Making.