The beauty and burden of snow

Judith Adam

Let’s hope for a thick blanket of snow over the garden this winter. A snow-covered garden is best for plants. Ice is better left for the rink or your drink.

A layered look for winter, using branches of red-twig dogwood, southern magnolia and huckleberry. Boxwood would be a good substitute for the huckleberry. The container is viewed only from the front. (Garden Making photo)

Make your own winter arrangements

Beckie Fox

Winter containers use branches from shrubs and trees to add colour and texture for winter arrangements that will last until spring.

Clay pots last longer when emptied, dried and stored upside down. (Garden Making photo)

Preparing containers for winter

Judith Adam

Clay pots last a long time when the garden containers are prepared for winter by emptying the soil keeping them dry for when deep frost arrives.