New 'Candy mix' zinnia (Photo from Park Seed)

New ‘Candy Mix’ zinnia struts on stage

Judith Adam

Ask me, and I’d have said there was no need to improve the several styles of zinnias we’ve already got. ...

Zinnias (Garden Making photo)

Bold, colourful zinnias

Judith Adam

There’s nothing subtle about zinnias (Zinnia elegans). Their “in-your-face” attitude appeals to me and I appreciate their big, bold double ...

Dwarf vegetables in containers

Judith Adam

Growing container dwarf vegetables requires conscientious watering if you expect good fruit quality. I use soilless mix amended with extra vermiculite.

Laburnum tree in flower. Garden Making photo.

Global warming and plant hardiness

Garden Making

Despite the warming trend, borderline hardy plants in my garden continue to suffer winter damage. The apparent message for gardeners is that global warming hasn’t altered plant hardiness zone designations.