Time to plan your bulb strategy for spring blooms

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'Daydream' Darwin tulip (Garden Making photo)

I’ve placed a small order for spring bulbs — late if I had wanted new or rare varieties, but there is still plenty of choice at Botanus, Breck’s, Flower Bulbs R Us, Phoenix Perennials and Vesey’s. Because we have a large squirrel population, I concentrated on adding a few more daffodils as well as early crocus because they are so easy to pop in here and there.

Although I eagerly anticipate and appreciate the arrival of blooming bulbs every spring, I don’t enjoy planting them in the fall. There have been years when I haven’t planted any at all, but I end up regretting this lapse the following spring.

'Daydream' Darwin tulip (Garden Making photo)
‘Daydream’ Darwin tulip

If you’re still in the process of deciding what bulbs to order online or search for at your garden centre, here are some strategies to consider:

•  If you’re looking for tulips that return more than a year or two, choose long-lasting Darwin tulips.

•  Looking at your garden now — when everything is in full leaf — is a good way to find places where summer and fall perennials will hide fading bulb foliage in spring. See “Planning for Spring Bulbs.”

• It’s definitely time to order snowdrops. These harbingers of spring need to go into the ground by the end of September.

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