April in the garden

Yellow and white primroses paired with pink hellebores make a pretty spring container garden.

Spring garden container with pink and yellow

Beckie Fox

Your spring garden containers don’t always need to include tulips and daffodils for a pop of colour. Pair yellow and white primroses with pink hellebores.

Evergreens are better prepared to tolerate late spring frosts — even snow — but the flower buds on deciduous trees might not fare as well.

Frost protection for plants

Lorraine Flanigan

After a hard winter, the last thing you want to do is lose plants to a late spring frost. Know how to provide frost protection for plants.

Choose containers that are practical and also suit your garden style.

How to choose garden pots

Beckie Fox

Before you think about what plants for container gardening, consider what garden pots you have on hand, what needs replacing and what you need to acquire.

How to use a bloom chart in your garden design

Judith Adam

The Garden Making bloom chart will help you plan a succession of flower blooms in your garden design.

Starting tuberous begonias

Dugald Cameron

Begonias can flower continuously from June until frost, have blooms lasting over a week, are super easy to grow and come in just about every colour.

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