August in the Garden

Siberica (Photo from GardenImport)

3 suggestions for lasting spring bulbs

Judith Adam

Judith Adam wants to plant spring bulbs just once and have them return every spring, forever. Here's three suggestions for more lasting spring bulbs.

As temperatures drop, tomatoes need extra care (Garden Making photo)

Tips for late tomatoes

Judith Adam

Tomatoes are notoriously sensitive to temperature and weather changes. Here are tips to get the best from tomatoes late in the season.

Acidanthera are coming into bloom (Photo by Brendan Zwelling)

Acidanthera in bloom

Judith Adam

Abyssinian gladiolus (Acidanthera murielae) -- small, frost-tender corms planted in spring for their scented, late-summer bloom --are coming into flower.

Blue hydrangea (Photo by Heather Hayden)

Understanding blue hydrangea

Judith Adam

If you’ve purchased a small blue hydrangea in a pot for a holiday and then planted it in the garden, in subsequent years it has probably turned pink.

Yellow rudbeckia, a tall beauty. (Photo by Brendan Zwelling)

Autumn-blooming perennials

Judith Adam

There are many forms of coneflowers in the rudbeckia clan, all with reflexed yellow petals and brown, cone-shaped disks.