A Garden Miscellany: An Illustrated Guide to the Elements of the Garden, by Suzanne Staubach

Tales behind the garden terms we use

Garden Making

After a long career in independent bookselling, Suzanne Staubach now writes and speaks about garden and ceramic history. Her latest book is A Garden Miscellany: An Illustrated Guide to the Elements of the Garden.


Stylish plants indoors

Garden Making

Not everyone has a garden, patio or balcony for growing plants. Tending plants indoor is a popular way for many people to indulge their love of green things. The new book by Hilton Carter, Wild At Home, is all about how to style and care for beautiful plants.

Canadian Gardeners Guide

Canadian Gardener’s Guide updated for 2019

Garden Making

The third edition of Canadian Gardener’s Guide, edited by Lorraine Johnson, includes several new features, such as cold frame gardening, rain gardens and backyard homesteading.


Growing with Emma: A gardening book for kids

Beckie Fox

Children’s gardening books are usually written by adults, but that’s not the case with Gardening with Emma, written by Emma Biggs, a 13-year-old gardener in Toronto.

Extraordinary Ornamental Edibles

Book focuses on ornamental edibles

Garden Making

In his book, Extraordinary Ornamental Edibles, nursery manager Mike Lascelle lists 100 perennials, trees, shrubs and vines that both look and taste good.