Container gardening

Mini Cascade Pink ivy geranium. (Photo from

Ivy geraniums for containers

Judith Adam

Ideal for containers and window boxes, ivy geraniums will be happy to bloom all summer in part shade to full sun with attractive flowers and foliage.

Twickel Purple’ lavender

Twickel Purple lavender for containers

Judith Adam

Lavender is frequently among the group of containers I set out each spring, and I’m picky about which lavenders I choose. Lavender flowers are long lasting.

Garden Making Editor-in-Chief Beckie Fox

Container gardening: How to design and plant a container

Garden Making

How-to container gardening video. Beckie Fox gives container garden ideas and tips on how to design and plant a container garden. Choose colours and plants.

Container Gardening Basics

Beckie Fox

In this video, Garden Making's Beckie Fox explains container gardening basics. For success with containers, you need the right container and soil mix.

Buy healthy plants from reputable garden stores (Garden Making photo)

Start with good plants for container gardening

Beckie Fox

For success with container gardening, start with healthy plants. This will help your container garden reach its full potential earlier in the season.