Food to grow

Growing a variety of edibles is one of the many joys of gardening. (Photo by Joanne Young)

How to plan a vegetable garden

Sharon Hanna

Whether you’re new to gardening or already have green thumbs, here’s a quick guide to take you from planning to planting, and get you started on an excellent veggie adventure.

Red-veined sorrel (Photo by Carol Pope)

Food to grow where deer roam

Carol Pope

Here's more ideas for food that you can grow in areas where deer roam, including rhubarb, sorrel, garlic and culinary herbs.

Mahonia developing berries (Photo by Carol Pope)

Growing food where deer roam

Carol Pope

It’s a big challenge growing food where deer roam daily, grazing and razing every palatable morsel to the ground. Carol Pope suggests edibles to grow.

Fennel features ornamental flowers. (Photos by Carol Pope)

How to enjoy edible seeds from your garden

Carol Pope

In winter, enjoy tasty, healthy, organic edible seeds from three prolific plants — bronze fennel, cilantro and lovage. Carol Pope explains how.

Basil growing in recycled salad container. (Photos by Carol Pope)

Microgreens give taste of summer all winter

Carol Pope

In winter, you can enjoy fresh herbs like basil and crisp, fresh salad greens by growing microgreens indoors. Here's how.