Gardens to visit

Lead gardener Sharon Saunders takes a break from her busy day to admire the peony beds.

Ottawa’s Central Experimental Farm

Lorraine Flanigan

The Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa was the first research station, established by an Act of Parliament in 1886. It offers stunning displays.

The Formal Garden at Parkwood Estate

Parkwood Estate: Oshawa’s Downton Abbey

Lorraine Flanigan

The impressive gardens of Oshawa's Parkwood Estate were designed by leading landscape architects of the day, including the Dunington-Grubbs and John Lyle.

At the viewing circle: Left to right, Lorraine Flanigan, Werner Schwar and Paul Fayrick. Photo: Kathy Walkinshaw

Thunder Bay parks make the most of a short season

Lorraine Flanigan

The gardening season for Thunder Bay parks in Ontario starts on the first full moon in June when parks staff start emptying greenhouses to plant garden beds.

The small dawn redwood planted in 1952 now towers over the Prehistoric Garden.

Restoration and rejuvenation at Royal Botanical Gardens

Lorraine Flanigan

Plants have a habit of growing. That’s what’s been happening at Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington -- Ontario's oldest botanical garden.

Lorraine Flanigan bravely handles a tray of bees.

Urban buzz: The Toronto Botanical Garden is the place to grow

Lorraine Flanigan

Located adjacent to Edwards Gardens, the Toronto Botanical Garden boasts 17 themed gardens, including an Entry Garden Walk designed by Piet Oudolf.