How to

dahlias make cut flowers

How to divide and store dahlia tubers

Dugald Cameron

How to lift, divide and store dahlia tubers for next year’s garden. Colourful dahlias make a superb cut flower, but need to be stored over the winter.


How to store calla and canna lilies

Dugald Cameron

In the fall, you can store calla and canna lilies for next year. Both are easy to overwinter. Dugald Cameron explains how to bring plants indoors.


How to store tuberous begonias for the winter

Dugald Cameron

Tuberous begonias are often flowering at their best in late summer, just when it’s time to bring them indoors. How to store tuberous begonias over winter.

Peony root (Photos by Dugald Cameron)

How and when to plant peonies

Dugald Cameron

The optimal planting time depends on what you’re planting. Perennial plants are best planted in spring, but it’s better to plant peonies in the fall.

Just a few of the plants that will end up in the holes of the cinderblocks that edge my new raised bed. Marigolds, including some Kilimanjaro White that I’m starting from seed), herbs, zinnias, snapdragons and other flowers will fill the cinderblocks, making them look more pretty than utilitarian.

Building a raised garden bed

Kat Fox

When building a raised garden bed, you can use almost any material — straw bales, rocks, concrete, logs. A popular choice is lumber.