May in the garden

Penstemons with red foliage

Judith Adam

For diversity in foliage colour, Judith Adam appreciates red foliage plants such as ‘Husker Red’ and ‘Dark Towers’ beard tongues (penstemons).

When to prune spring-flowering shrubs

Judith Adam

Although spring-flowering shrubs such as lilacs can vary in their bloom times, there’s far less leeway about when to prune spring flowering shrubs.

Heat-proof lobelias

Judith Adam

A second generation of breeding has produced heat-proof lobelias. Lobelias have intensely blue cascading flowers for hanging baskets or as an upright form.

Ginkgo trees capture attention

Judith Adam

Judith Adam is getting started with a collection of ginko trees. Ginkgos have been around for more than 150 million years.

Seeking enthusiastic pollinators

Judith Adam

When the flowers come out, clouds of pollinators descend — bees of several kinds, small and large wasps, various flies and even some butterflies.

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