‘Rosea’ magnolia (Photo by Lorraine Beswick)

The sweet scent of magnolias

Judith Adam

All magnolias are graced with beautiful flowers. The magnolias we grow in Canada are as scented as their southern cousins, even in our cool springs.

Double Play Artist, a short spirea that emerges in spring with rich purple-red leaves that turn blue-green for summer, has burgundy foliage in autumn. (Photo by Brendan Adam-Zwelling)

There’s something about spirea

Stephen Westcott-Gratton

From traditional cultivars to newer, longer — and larger — blooming ones, versatile Japanese spireas (Spiraea japonica cvs.) will work in any garden.

Anemones plants have tall flowers that dip and bob atop long, wiry stems. (Photo by Walters Gardens, Inc.)

Plants that move

Beckie Fox

Increase your garden’s range of motion with plants that move and waltz in the wind — then sit back and enjoy the show

Checkered lily (Fritillaria meleagris) is a favourite of Karen Achenbach. (Garden Making photo)

25 recommendations for favourite bulbs

Heather White

From across Canada, 25 recommendations of favourite bulbs to consider planting, provided to Garden Making by gardening experts, writers and industry leaders

Hellebores grow well in dry, shady gardens. (Photo by Joanne Young)

8 plants for dry and shady gardens

Stephen Westcott-Gratton

Gardening in full shade and dry soil is a challenge. Tips on how to cope, with ideas for 8 plants that will survive in dry and shady gardens.