September in the Garden

Visits inspire garden design ideas

Beckie Fox

Visiting gardens farther afield also offers up lots of inspiration, especially garden design ideas that can be transplanted to your own space.

4 fabulous ways to harvest homegrown garlic

Carol Pope

Among the healthiest foods we can eat, homegrown garlic is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Garlic can be enjoyed four ways: as young or mature bulbs, scapes and greens.

Leave some seed for birds

Judith Adam

When clearing plants in the fall, two little goldfinches have reminded me that birds are dependent on seedheads for their autumn diet. Leave seed for birds.


Culver’s root and turtlehead: Late summer stars

Judith Adam

At the Stratford Festival garden in Ontario, I was surprised to find tall thick stands of culver’s root and turtlehead, two old-fashioned Zone 5 plants.

Time to move plants and tubers indoors

Judith Adam

It’s time to move plants and tubers indoors for winter. Favourite summer annuals (like pelargoniums and tender herbs) should already be indoors.

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