September in the Garden

Gather fallen leaves to make leaf mould: your soil will thank you.

Tips for lawns this fall

Judith Adam

Lawns will forgive a summer of neglect if you’ll do something good for them in autumn. Here are three key tips for lawns this fall.

A beginner’s guide to loving and growing succulents

Kat Fox

Marian and Louis Damm, owners of Floral Dimensions, answered some of my beginner questions and I also saw some amazing ideas for displaying succulents.

Rose of Sharon shines on

Judith Adam

Rose of Sharon loves heat, so it will be happy in your hottest spot. It’s hardy only to minus -12°C, and in a severe winter cold snap, the branches might die back.

Signs of change in the garden

Judith Adam

With autumn creeping in, there are changes in the garden.

Easy leaf mulch

Judith Adam

The merits of a three- to four-inch blanket of leaf mulch on soil is a gardener’s autumn mission — to return nutrients to the soil, conserve moisture, promote healthy soil structure and prevent erosion.