Spring season

Starting tuberous begonias

Dugald Cameron

Begonias can flower continuously from June until frost, have blooms lasting over a week, are super easy to grow and come in just about every colour.

Blooming where we’re planted

Jodi DeLong

We may garden for many different reasons, but one of the best of reasons is the camaraderie that we gain from having a passion for planting, writes Jodi DeLong.

Beech leaves unfurling in spring (Garden Making photo)

Understanding spring fertilizers

Judith Adam

When plants are eager to grow new roots and shoots, by understanding spring fertilizers you can bolster growth and enhance plant performance.

Making happy, healthy soil

Kat Fox

Adding organic matter at the beginning, and regularly throughout the year, is the key to making happy and healthy soil.

Unpredictable hellebore seedlings

Judith Adam

Hellebore blossoms are opening in my garden. Early bees are enthralled with the wide flowers. It can make for unpredictable hellebore seedlings.

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