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pollen bee nest

6 tips for pollen bee nests in your garden

Garden Making

Many gardeners are installing pollen bee nests to encourage pollination. 6 tips for pollen bee nests.

July can be a good time to shop for perennials, such as foxgloves, at reputable nurseries.

July’s a good time to find plant bargains

Michael Fox

If you have gaps in your gardens, or want to re-fresh your containers, July can be a good time to bargain shop for good plants at reputable garden centres.

Protect evergreen shrubs and trees in winter

Judith Adam

Evergreen shrubs and trees might give the impression that they’re tough and resilient, but evergreens require protection to avoid winter injuries.

The joys of sharing plants

Jodi DeLong

Nova Scotia gardener Jim Smith shows the joy of sharing plants with a Dominion Day rose. Its red-and-white striped buds normally open on Canada Day.

Plant hardiness zones changing, slowly

Beckie Fox

"Will it grow in my zone?" is the pertinent question about plant hardiness for perennials. The lines on the maps for zones are changing, slowly.