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Veseys store PEI
Veseys trial garden
Veseys trial garden in the rural community of York, Prince Edward Island.

Certainly, most people travel to Price Edward Island to enjoy the beaches, the history, the food and the beautiful rolling hills and valleys of the province. But if you’re interested in gardening, there’s an easy stop to make 10 minutes outside Charlottetown – the flower trial garden and storefront of Veseys in the rural community of York. The business started as a market garden operated by Arthur Vesey, who tested seed to find out what grew best in the cool, short growing season of Atlantic Canada.

Since 1939, Veseys seed has been tested and packaged at its premises in York. Mail-order bulbs were added to its offerings in 1999.  Today, Veseys mails more than 1 million seed and bulb catalogues every year to gardeners across Canada and the U.S. Every variety in Veseys catalog is tested at its 40-acre research farm. More than 100 people work at Veseys during the growing season.

Veseys store PEI
The Veseys store is across the road from the trial garden.

Veseys website provides a wide range of information for home gardeners, as well as online catalogues of annual vegetables and flowers, perennials, bulbs, herbs, fruits, tools and accessories.

Veseys seeds
Veseys seed for sale in the store. All are tested for Canadian growing conditions.
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