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Cyclamen at the garden centre. (Photo from Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Caring for cyclamen indoors

Potted cyclamen plants with elaborately marked ivy-like foliage and bright flowers are easy-to-grow, long-lasting ornamentals.

The tall yew hedge at Lynden Miller’s garden is a high-maintenance proposition, but a smaller-scale version could be effective. The narrow opening beckons you to wonder what’s on the other side. (Garden Making photo)

Visits inspire garden design ideas

Visiting gardens farther afield also offers up lots of inspiration, especially garden design ideas that can be transplanted to your own space.

Plant ideas

Gardens to Visit

Magnolia stellata 'Rosea' photographed by Lorraine Beswick

An appreciation of magnolias

A group of horticulturists, community members, nursery people and gardeners plant magnolias in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia.

Food to Grow

Garlic bulbs and- bulbils (Photo by Carol Pope)

4 fabulous ways to harvest homegrown garlic

Among the healthiest foods we can eat, homegrown garlic is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Garlic can be enjoyed four ways: as young or mature bulbs, scapes and greens.


Dominion rose

The joys of sharing plants

Nova Scotia gardener Jim Smith shows the joy of sharing plants with a Dominion Day rose. Its red-and-white striped buds normally open on Canada Day.

Lilacs perform well in clay soil

Coping with clay soil

Clay soil can be difficult it can be to work with. It’s sticky and wet in the spring, and brick-hard in summer.