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Overwhelmed at Chelsea

At the 2015 Chelsea Flower Show everything ranges from gorgeous to stunning to awesome to outrageous. Here’s some initial images focused on plants.

Laguna Sky Blue is a new heat-resistant lobelia (Photo from Proven Winners)

Heat-proof lobelias

A second generation of breeding has produced heat-proof lobelias. Lobelias have intensely blue cascading flowers for hanging baskets or as an upright form.

Italian honeysuckle is blooming later than usual. (Photo by Brendan Zwelling)

Off schedule: Italian honeysuckle

Italian honeysuckle (Lonicera caprifolium, Zone 6, possibly Zone 5 with protection) is finally in flower, and is quite late this year.

'Agincourt Beauty' lilac

When to prune spring-flowering shrubs

Although spring-flowering shrubs such as lilacs can vary in their bloom times, there’s far less leeway about when to prune spring flowering shrubs.


Starting Seeds Outdoors

Starting seeds outdoors

Growing new plants from seeds is one of the most gratifying experiences a gardener can have. Get the free Starting Seeds Outdoors Tips PDF download.

Raised beds

Make your (raised) bed

Raised beds — beds with soil higher than the surrounding area — are a popular way to corral the chaos in vegetable or cutting gardens.

Saving seed from tomato (Photo by Brendan Zwelling)

Saving tomato and pepper seed

Saving seeds can be as easy as collecting and drying pepper seed, and safely packaging them. It is a bit more complicated to save tomato seed.

Plant ideas

Food to Grow

Mahonia developing berries (Photo by Carol Pope)

Growing food where deer roam

It’s a big challenge growing food where deer roam daily, grazing and razing every palatable morsel to the ground. Carol Pope suggests edibles to grow.

Gardens to Visit

Kingsbrae operates a lovely café, tempting garden shop and a plant nursery.

Kingsbrae Garden in charming St. Andrews

From the moment she arrived at Kingsbrae Garden in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Lorraine Flanigan’s camera didn’t stop clicking. This 27-acre garden opened in 1998.