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Mahonia developing berries (Photo by Carol Pope)

Growing food where deer roam

It’s a big challenge growing food where deer roam daily, grazing and razing every palatable morsel to the ground. Carol Pope suggests edibles to grow.

gardening books

In praise of older garden books

Like most gardening addicts, Jodi DeLong has a deep and abiding love — some might call it an obsession — for gardening and plant books.

Plant ideas

Cyclamen at the garden centre. (Photo from Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Caring for cyclamen indoors

Potted cyclamen plants with elaborately marked ivy-like foliage and bright flowers are easy-to-grow, long-lasting ornamentals.

Tall verbana along a wall (Photo by Jodi DeLong)

In praise of Verbena bonariensis

Christopher Lloyd planted Verbena bonariensis, commonly called tall verbena, at Great Dixter in England, and now Jodi DeLong enjoys it in Nova Scotia.

Gardens to Visit

Food to Grow

Garlic bulbs and- bulbils (Photo by Carol Pope)

4 fabulous ways to harvest homegrown garlic

Among the healthiest foods we can eat, homegrown garlic is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Garlic can be enjoyed four ways: as young or mature bulbs, scapes and greens.



Substituting coir for peat moss

Many gardeners are eager to learn more about using coir as a substitute for peat moss. Coir is a layer of plant fibre contained in the husk of coconuts.