Planning a vegetable garden

How to plan a vegetable garden

Growing a variety of vegetables is one of the many joys of gardening. This free e-book shows you how to plan a vegetable garden. Enjoy home-grown edibles.

Moss (Bryophyta) growing in the nature reserve (Photo by Andrew Bossi via Creative Commons)

How do you get rid of moss?

Mary in L’Original, Ontario, asks how to get rid of moss in her sunny yard on acidic, heavy clay surrounded by a large cedar hedge.

Starting seeds outdoors

Starting seeds outdoors e-book

Starting seeds outdoors can be an economical way to fill your garden with beautiful flowers and nutritious vegetables. Get free e-book download.

Yellow Trout Lily (Erythronium americanum) in Guelph, Ontario. (Photo by Ryan Hodnett, via Creative Commons.

Why do my trout lilies never bloom?

Claire in London says her trout lilies (Erythronium americanum) grow and spread happily. The foliage is healthy, but the lilies never bloom.

planting plans for borders

6 planting plans for beds and borders

Here’s 6 planting plans for beds and borders with plant combinations: drought-tolerant; fragrant; ornamental edible border; deer-resistant; night; dry shade

Mixed primroses. Garden Making photo.

Starting primroses from seed

Starting primroses from seed doesn’t always require complicated treatment to germinate. Judith Adam is enchanted by lovely old-fashioned kinds of primroses.

How to grow perennials from seed

How to grow perennials from seed

Starting perennials from seed is an economical way to add new plants to your garden. This free PDF download explains how to grow perennials from seed.

Starting seeds indoors

Starting seeds indoors e-book

Growing new plants from seeds is one of the most gratifying experiences a gardener can have. Get helpful tips for starting seeds indoors in free e-book.

Star of Yelta

Dark morning glories from seed

My dark morning glories are heirloom hybrids of I. purpurea, producing half-hardy seeds that will often remain in the soil over winter and sprout in spring.

Alpine strawberry Photo from

Growing alpine strawberries

Sweet alpine strawberries are small intensely flavoured little berries also known as fraises des bois. The attractive perennial plants make good groundcover.


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