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Golden Sunrise hellebore (Photo by Jodi DeLong)

Blooming where we’re planted

We may garden for many different reasons, but one of the best of reasons is the camaraderie that we gain from having a passion for planting, writes snow-bound Jodi DeLong.

Beech leaves unfurling in spring

Understanding spring fertilizers

When plants are eager to grow new roots and shoots, by understanding spring fertilizers you can bolster growth and enhance plant performance.

garden bed clean up

Making happy, healthy soil

Adding organic matter at the beginning, and regularly throughout the year, is the key to making happy and healthy soil.

Hellebore double purple (Photo by Brendan Zwelling)

Unpredictable hellebore seedlings

Hellebore blossoms are opening in my garden. Early bees are enthralled with the wide flowers. It can make for unpredictable hellebore seedlings.


tips on shopping for plants

Shopping for new plants tips

To help you when shopping for new plants for your garden, these tips will help you choose healthy, well-grown specimens. Get free PDF download.

how to seed a new lawn tips

How to seed a new lawn

Thick, green grass can be started from seed, too. This free tip sheet on how to seed a new lawn tells you how to save money and select a custom mixture.

Plant ideas

Cyclamen at the garden centre. (Photo from Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Caring for cyclamen indoors

Potted cyclamen plants with elaborately marked ivy-like foliage and bright flowers are easy-to-grow, long-lasting ornamentals.

Food to Grow

Mahonia developing berries (Photo by Carol Pope)

Growing food where deer roam

It’s a big challenge growing food where deer roam daily, grazing and razing every palatable morsel to the ground. Carol Pope suggests edibles to grow.

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