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At this time of year

'Knucklehead' pumpkin

Beautiful pumpkins — warts and all

The arrival of seed catalogues coincides with the end of pumpkin season. Plant hybridizers now are evolving beautiful “ugly” heirloom pumpkins.

Clay pots last longer when emptied, dried and stored upside down. (Garden Making photo)

Preparing containers for winter

Clay pots last a long time when the garden containers are prepared for winter by emptying the soil keeping them dry for when deep frost arrives.

Plant ideas

Bloomerang lilac Photo from Proven Winners)

Mildew-resistant lilacs

Dealing with powdery mildew on lilacs can require replacing them with mildew-resistant cultivars. Mildew spores are active in late summer.

'Green Jewel' echinacea

The scents of it all

When Jodi DeLong walks in her garden, she breathes in the scents – layers of fragrance from petite sprigs of lavender to huge blooms of angels’ trumpet.

Martagon lily from Vesey's

Time for more Martagon lilies

The flowers resemble butterflies in flight, says Judith Adam about Martagon lilies. Their appeal includes tall skinny stems and speckled petals.

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Lilacs perform well in clay soil

Coping with clay soil

Clay soil can be difficult it can be to work with. It’s sticky and wet in the spring, and brick-hard in summer.

Saving seed from tomato (Photo by Brendan Zwelling)

Saving tomato and pepper seed

Saving seeds can be as easy as collecting and drying pepper seed, and safely packaging them. It is a bit more complicated to save tomato seed.


Garden Making #19 fall 2014 issue

Fall issue #19 – Grow Easy

Issue #19 of Garden Making for fall 2014 expresses our approach to gardening: “Grow Easy.” Articles include foolproof potentillas and a guide to storing tender bulbs.


My Garden Containers app now available

The My Garden Containers app helps you to create stunning plant combinations for beautiful containers by giving you confidence to mix and match plants.