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lawn renovation

Lessons learned while renovating a lawn

Beckie Fox

After nearly 20 years of letting things be in our lawn, we decided early last spring to give the lawn a makeover. Early spring, when temperatures are cool and rain is expected, is an excellent time to renovate turfgrass. Fall is good, too. Summer is not recommended.


How to plant a tree in your garden

Beckie Fox

Here are 8 basic steps to follow to successfully plant a tree in your garden.

A collection of Japanese string art, also known as kokedama. (Photo by Wikimedia)

How to make kokedama

Heather White

Elegant in their simplicity, Japanese moss balls, called Kokedama, are easy to create. We show you how, but be warned—there are strings attached.

avandula x intermedia ‘Grosso’. Photo by Walter Gardens, Inc.

How to grow and brew herbal teas

Laura Langston

Tips on how to grow and brew your own herbal tea. Learn how to prepare your home made brew, and which herbs pair best with one another.

Prune roses to spur growth and encourage more blooms. (Photo by Joanne Young)

How to prune roses

Judith Adam

With some know-how — and a “cane”-do attitude — you can successfully prune roses and enjoy more blooms this season.

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