Combining cultivars of the same species sparks interest in the garden. Shown: Three varieties of Ligularia -- Othello, The Rocket, Osiris Cafe Noir. Photo credit: Doris McComb

Plants with personality

Colleen Zacharias

Plants with unusual characteristics spark interest and attention in the garden.

rex begonia

Rex begonias rule

Beckie Fox

Rex begonia (Rex begonia) foliage comes in all sorts of whirly patterns and shapes; some leaves are variegated, highly textured or wavy. They make wonderful container plants in the shade and can be wintered over indoors in front of a sunny window.


Optimizing your native plant options

Lorraine Johnson

The increasing variety of native plants on the market is good news for gardeners. With a nod to expanding the plant palette and encouraging gardeners to branch out into less well-known territory, here are 10 native plants to consider for your garden.

Alberta legislature garden - Canadian Shield roses

Canadian Shield roses taking hold nicely

Heather White

The Canadian Shield rose, released in 2017 as the first in a series of roses called Vineland’s 49th Parallel Collection, now have been through one or two winters in gardens across Canada. We checked in on this hardy, disease-resistant repeat bloomer with vivid red blooms and glossy green foliage.

Roses to inspire our sense of place

Heather White

The Chinook Sunrise is the newest hardy rose for northern gardens. The Chinook Sunrise bloom colour is described as a delicious kaleidoscope of shades, from deep coral to pale pink, by Amy Bowen, research director at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Vineland Station, Ontario.

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