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How an organic animal repellent can protect plants

Garden Making

Animal pests — such as deer, voles, squirrels and rabbits — have appetites for flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees. Many gardeners discourage visits from pests by applying the Plantskydd animal repellent solution to their plants.

Dramm pruner photo by Garden Making

How to care for garden tools

Deanna Dority

Hard-working pruners (secateurs) need some pampering to be rejuvenated. How to clean, sharpen, and care for garden tools so they can perform their best.

Dormant oils can be useful for treating overwintering eggs of aphids. (Photo by Joanne Young)

Dos and don’ts of dormant oils

Stephen Westcott-Gratton

Dormant oils are useful for treating overwintering eggs of insects. However, not all trees and shrubs tolerate dormant oil.

Pest guide: 10 pests to worry about

Steven Biggs

Not all bugs in your garden are bad, but here are 10 pests to pay attention to so you can reduce damage to your plants.

Allergy-free gardening

Karen York

If you wheeze and sneeze when you set foot in the garden, just think about sex — plant sex, that is. Tips on how to make an allergy-free garden.

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