Tips for gardeners

Conifer needles good for the soil

Judith Adam

The conifer needles that fall on Judith Adam's property remain where they fall on soil or lawn, making a soft mulch.

Saving tomato and pepper seed

Judith Adam

Saving seeds can be as easy as collecting and drying pepper seed, and safely packaging them. It is a bit more complicated to save tomato seed.

Substituting coir for peat moss

Judith Adam

Many gardeners are eager to learn more about using coir as a substitute for peat moss. Coir is a layer of plant fibre contained in the husk of coconuts.

How to prevent (ok, reduce) next year’s Japanese beetles

Michael Fox

Japanese beetles enjoy eating the leaves of more than 200 different plants and trees, and they feast on roses. We use nematodes to try to control our Japanese beetle population.

Sharing the harvest

Lorraine Hunter

There may be an organization near you eager to share the harvest or pick that fruit to distribute or sell in your community.