July in the Garden

July can be a good time to shop for perennials, such as foxgloves, at reputable nurseries.

July’s a good time to find plant bargains

Michael Fox

If you have gaps in your gardens, or want to re-fresh your containers, July can be a good time to bargain shop for good plants at reputable garden centres.

For the love of monarchs

Jodi DeLong

Jodi DeLong plants rosy milkweed (Asclepias incarnate) and several of its relatives to support monarch butterflies. Monarchs are pollinating insects.

Rio portulaca for hot spots

Judith Adam

Rio portulaca plants are now on Judith Adam's front walk gallery of ornamental plants because the location is too hot for tomatoes in containers.

'Katherine' phlox (Photo by Garden Making)

Dealing with mildew on phlox

Judith Adam

Drenching rains can cause an early onset of mildew on phlox. These scented, long-blooming perennials are one of the backbones of summer gardens.

Ivy geranium Caliente Hot Coral (Photo by Brendan Zwelling)

Plants struggling with the heat

Judith Adam

Plants are struggling to stand in the heat and wind. Watering suggestions. Caliente Hot Coral ivy geraniums show surprising heat resilience

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