Hummingbirds love the nectar from turtlehead

Judith Adam

Pink turtlehead, sometimes called twisted shell flower, are showy plants that provide nectar loved by hummingbirds. They prefer nectar over sugar water.

Mildew-resistant lilacs

Judith Adam

Dealing with powdery mildew on lilacs can require replacing them with mildew-resistant cultivars. Mildew spores are active in late summer.

The scents of it all

Jodi DeLong

When Jodi DeLong walks in her garden, she breathes in the scents – layers of fragrance from petite sprigs of lavender to huge blooms of angels’ trumpet.

6 secrets to abundance in the edible garden

Carol Pope

Here are six secrets of the best choices for powerhouse producers that will provide you with easy, yet exquisite, edible garden fare all summer long.

‘Blue Paradise’ summer phlox

Judith Adam

The ‘Blue Paradise’ summer phlox (Phlox paniculata ‘Blue Paradise’) is lavishly blooming in Judith's sunny front bed. It's a cultivar bred for mildew resistance.

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