Garden design

This meadow garden replaced an area of turf grass and has been planted with wildflowers such as Gaillardia and Wild Bergamot. (Photos: Prairie Flora)

How to make a meadow

Colleen Zacharias

A step-by-step guide to making a meadow garden with native wildflowers and grasses with plant suggestions.

Against a backdrop of Skybound cedars, Swiss Stone pine shines in this Winnipeg backyard. Photo credit: John Leperre

Pines – evergreens for all seasons

Colleen Zacharias

The Pinus species is unique among conifers. Long-lived trees, their distinctive needles are grouped in bundles called fascicles. Evergreen conifers provide a beautiful backdrop for other plants in the landscape.

Wide planting beds are easier to design because they provide space for focal points, such as birdbaths or columnar trees.

Create your dream garden from scratch

Beckie Fox

Confronted by empty yards front and back? Here’s your detailed guide to creating your dream garden from scratch.

Two tall cedars act as punctuation in this large garden, and also signal where the entrance is to the vegetable garden on the other side of the hedge.

Punctuation in the garden

Karen York

Punctuate your garden to create a compelling narrative. Here’s how to use trees and plants as exclamation marks, periods, commas and other signals.

white garden

Design a white garden

Judith Adam

Be it day or night, sunlight or moonlight, white plants will add a wondrous effect to your garden. Two designs for a white garden in part shade or sun.