Sanguisorba ‘Little Angel’. (Photo by Marco van Noort)

Sanguisorbas offer much to admire

Beckie Fox

If you’re looking for light, airy perennials with a naturalistic feel to mix in with echinaceas and ornamental grasses, consider sanguisorbas (a.k.a. burnets). Many varieties are hardy down to Zone 2.

Sanguisorba ‘Little Angel’. (Photo by Marco van Noort)

Getting to know sanguisorbas

Lorraine Flanigan

Long favoured by British and European gardeners, sanguisorbas (burnets) are starting to show up in Canadian gardens. These understated perennials are hardy.

Anemones plants have tall flowers that dip and bob atop long, wiry stems. (Photo by Walters Gardens, Inc.)

Plants that move

Beckie Fox

Increase your garden’s range of motion with plants that move and waltz in the wind — then sit back and enjoy the show