December in the garden

Poinsettia (Photo by Brendan Adam-Zwelling)

Caring for poinsettias

Judith Adam

Tips on caring for poinsettias. Once, holiday poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) were always red. But now there's beautiful pink, white, plum, cranberry.

Overwintering succulents

Overwintering succulents

Kat Fox

Overwintering succulents requires a sunny spot to live in and go dormant until spring. They don't need to get watered until they're coming out of dormancy.

Christmas cactus flower and buds. Photo by Brendan Adam-Zwelling

Christmas cactus are easy to grow

Judith Adam

Christmas cactus are easy plants to grow, and most problems are related to flowering. They need a slightly dry, cool and dark resting phase in autumn.

Dwarf yellow cedar

Dwarf conifers in winter gardens

Judith Adam

Now is the time to consider the winter garden, and my hope is that you have some dwarf conifers to give character and substance in this cold season.