Judith Adam

Weigela is an example of a shrub that’s easy to propagate by taking hardwood cuttings in the fall. (Photo by Joanne Young)

How to take hardwood cuttings

Judith Adam

Taking hardwood cuttings in the fall is an easy, economical way to increase plants through vegetative reproduction. Reproduce your favourite shrubs.

Prune roses to spur growth and encourage more blooms. (Photo by Joanne Young)

How to prune roses

Judith Adam

With some know-how — and a “cane”-do attitude — you can successfully prune roses and enjoy more blooms this season.

‘Rosea’ magnolia (Photo by Lorraine Beswick)

The sweet scent of magnolias

Judith Adam

All magnolias are graced with beautiful flowers. The magnolias we grow in Canada are as scented as their southern cousins, even in our cool springs.

Passiflora cerulean ‘Blue Crown’ (Photo by Joanne Young)

Why won’t my passion flower bloom?

Judith Adam

Judith Adam responds to reader question about a passion flower plant that’s growing green leaves but not many flowers.

The beauty and burden of snow

Judith Adam

Let’s hope for a thick blanket of snow over the garden this winter. A snow-covered garden is best for plants. Ice is better left for the rink or your drink.

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