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Red raspberry canes before pruning

How should raspberry canes be pruned?

Garden Making

A reader asks how to prune the canes of raspberries that produce in July, then a second crop in September/ October.

Hamamelis virginiana witchhazel is cold hardy for an Edmonton garden. (Photo by Vineland Nurseries

Where can I buy witch-hazel?

Garden Making

Hamamelis virginiana, our native witchhazel which blooms in fall, as well as H. vernalis are cold hardy for Edmonton.

Passiflora cerulean ‘Blue Crown’ (Photo by Joanne Young)

Why won’t my passion flower bloom?

Judith Adam

Judith Adam responds to reader question about a passion flower plant that’s growing green leaves but not many flowers.

Powdery mildew on rosemary. (Photo from Flickr by Scot Nelson)

How to treat powdery mildew on rosemary?

Beckie Fox

When I bring my rosemary plants into the house for the winter, they get a powdery mildew that kills new growth. How do I treat this?

Eucomis plants are often referred to as pineapple lilies. (Photo from Flickr by Stefano)

Why won’t my eucomis bloom?

Dugald Cameron

Why won’t my eucomis bloom? They did bloom the first few years, but for the past three, they have grown only leaves. I give them lots of sun and water, and occasional fertilizer.

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