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Hydrangea macrophylla flowers on old, second-year wood. (Photo by Joanne Young)

When and how to prune hydrangeas?

Judith Adam

I have just read an article on hydrangeas, saying that some hydrangeas flower on the old wood? Eureka! Is pruning mine back each spring the reason why the bush has luscious green growth, but no flowers?

Fallen maple keys often produce saplings in unwanted places. (Photo by Pixabay)

How to remove maple saplings?

Beckie Fox

How to permanently get rid of the hundreds of maple saplings (about 2-3 inches tall) which grew naturally from dropped keys?

Troublesome slugs (Photo by Wikipedia)

How to eliminate slugs?

Beckie Fox

How do I eliminate slugs?

Periwinkle, although persistent, can be eradicated over time. (Photo by Garden Making)

What is the quickest way to eliminate periwinkle?

Beckie Fox

What is the quickest way to eliminate periwinkle?

Crocus in garden in Fredericton, New Brunswick (Photo by Pierette Pheeney)

When do I split crocus clumps?

Beckie Fox

I have some crocus clumps that need to be split and divided. Do I do that now or wait until Fall planting time?