Clematis in Summer 2011 issue

Garden Making

clematis in #6 Summer 2011
Summer 2011

Other articles in the Summer issue of Garden Making include:

  • Our roundup of favourite tomatoes across Canada, with dozens of suggestions from all regions including the top picks of our subscribers
  • How to graft a rose
  • Water-saving tips
  • 40 plants for rocky soils
  • Dreamy delphiniums
  • What, when and how to feed your plants
  • Why it’s great to attract butterflies and bees to your garden
  • Growing edibles: tomatillos, tender beans, sweet potatoes
  • Garden profiles
  • How to choose a hose
  • Much more


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2 thoughts on “Clematis in Summer 2011 issue”

  1. Clayton (May 15),

    Yes, ‘Ballet Skirt’ is a beautiful clematis, and won the 2005 Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit. I haven’t seen it lately, but certainly it will reappear on retail plant lists. If another reader should happen to see it, we’d be glad to know.

  2. I was quite glad to see the article on Clematis in the Summer 2011 issue. One of the things which intrigued me was the author’s reference to Clematis Ballet Skirt. This is a variety from Stanley Zubrowsky of Prairie River, SK and a friend of mine. This Clematis has become rare in Canada these days so this is a particularly special place. As an aside I am looking for a source of this plant.


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