March General Meeting – an Exploration of Hardscape Plants

McConaghy Seniors' Center 10100 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, ON

MARCH GENERAL MEETING: GUEST SPEAKER JONAS SPRING, "AN EXPLORATION OF HARDSCAPE PLANTS" Following an extensive review of plants that grow on cliffs and alvars around southern Ontario, Jonas Spring has […]

Vegetable Gardening, Crop Rotation

Burlington Seniors Centre 2285 New Street, Burlington, ontario

Hanna Jacobs - Matchbox Garden and Seed Co will present on Vegetable gardening, crop rotation and companion planting. Wednesday March 8/23 at 7 pm - In person and Zoom For […]

Design Your Own Native Pollinator Garden

Online event

Learn all the best ways to provide food and shelter for native pollinators, while delighting your family and neighbours with textures, shapes and colours. You will learn to assess site conditions and create a beautiful garden design that meets pollinator, plant and your own needs. The challenges of tough sites such as boulevards and balconies […]


Collective Gardening & Pefferlaw’s Community Garden Plan

Pefferlaw Lions Community Centre 38 Pete's Lane, Pefferlaw, ON

Georgina-Brock Garden Club's first meeting of the year. Join us as Jessica Tong of the York Region Food Network discusses food security and how growing vegetables collectively in community gardens meets this growing need. In addition, Courtney Rennie, Senior Project Manager, Parks & Open Space, from the Town of Georgina, outlines the plan for Pefferlaw's […]

Orangeville – Nadine Bohner “Ecologically Sound Landscape Design”

Orangeville Senior's Centre 26 Bythia Street, Orangeville

Please welcome our speaker tonight, Nadine Bohner and learn how to use plant dominated solutions to realize an ecological and creative design. Free parking, guests welcome, bring your own mug for refreshments, prize draw.

Fusion Gardening with Sean James

Online event

Fusion Gardening blends LID (rainwater handling) with xeriscaping (drought-tolerant gardening) and folds in plantings to mitigate the effects of climate change and enhance biodiversity. One of the main focus of this style is beauty and we’ll address the backbone of each of these disciplines and discuss how to do each artfully. This talk is part […]


The Secrets of Fruit Tree Care with Susan Poizner

Online event

Join us online to learn about fruit tree care. More and more North Americans are planting fruit trees in their gardens, parks or on company land. But often new growers are disappointed. Without proper care, young fruit trees are vulnerable to pest and disease problems and often produce poor quality fruit. What many new growers […]

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