The mystery of roses

Trenton Seniors Club 61 Bay St, Trenton, Canada

Trenton Horticultural Society: mystery of Roses is revealed by our guest speaker Tim from Rambling Roses.

Blooming Boulevards 3rd Annual Plant Sale, June 18-19

1295 Mineola Gardens, Mississauga On 1295 Mineola , Gardens, Mississauga, ON, Canada

Over 50 species of beautiful, healthy plants native to Southern Ontario will be available. From hot dry boulevards and balconies, to moist woodlands and rain gardens, we have plants for everyone!

Gardening Kingston Celebrates Year of the Garden

Roden Park - Paterson Garden 111 Norman Rogers Drive, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

On Saturday, June 18th, from 10:00-12:00 a.m. You are invited to Roden Park, where we have the Paterson Garden, a rock garden at the top of the hill. We will ... Read more

Robin Tench on Gardening the Way Nature Intended

St John's Church Church St, Bath, Ontario, Canada

Bath Gardening Club Meeting At St John's Hall. Church Street, Bath ON Guest Speaker: Robin Tench (Toronto) Gardening the Way Nature Intended

Year end member appreciation event

St Simon & St Jude Hall 267 Meunier St, Belle River, ON, Canada

Who can resist a meeting with appetizers and desserts only? We share moments of the shortened membership year. We will look forward to the new year starting in September and ... Read more