Garden Making magazine transfers subscriptions

Garden Making magazine published from 2010 to March 2018. More information:

Subsequent to announcing the end of publishing, we provided back issues to fulfil subscriber orders as well as arranging the transfer of issue credits to another magazine.

Garden Making issue #32
Garden Making #32

We arranged to transfer credit for any remaining issues of Garden Making subscriptions to another gardening magazine in Canada called The Gardener for Canadian Climates.

Published since 1995, The Gardener magazine offers 4 issues per year (winter, spring, summer and fall). Their claim to fame, in their words, is: “The Gardener is recognized as the best horticultural magazine for hardy Canadian growing conditions. Every issue contains expert gardening information to overcome the challenges of gardening in a climate with short growing seasons, difficult winters and unpredictable precipitation.”

“I hope that you would be willing to give The Gardener a try,” says Garden Making publisher Michael Fox. “It is sad for me to close the print edition of Garden Making after everyone’s hard work and investment in creating and sustaining the magazine. But I know that many of us prefer print magazines, so I’m trying to help grow The Gardener to ensure that Canada has a magazine for home gardeners.”

You can get more information about The Gardener at or call 1-888-477-5593 or email [email protected].

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