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Prairie Gardener's Go To for Small Spaces

From Calgary, there are two new releases in the handsome series of gardening guides focused on growing conditions in the Prairies. Created by Master Gardeners Janet Melrose and Sheryl Normandeau, the latest two editions are The Prairie Gardener’s Go-to for Seeds and The Prairie Gardener’s Go-to for Small Spaces.

Prairie Gardener's Go To for Seeds

The book on seeds includes detailed charts with specific information about seed starting on the Prairies, with several plant lists to help you decide what selections work best in a variety of situations and conditions.

Prairie Gardener's Go To for Small Spaces

In the small spaces book, the authors provide advice on container gardens, raised beds, small plots and postage-stamp sized yards, and how to try your hand at vertical gardening.

The two new editions join two volumes released in 2020 on vegetables and pests and diseases.

Janet Melrose is a garden educator and consultant, and an advocate for Calgary’s Sustainable Local Food System. She has a passion for horticultural therapy and facilitates numerous programs designed to integrate people marginalized by various disabilities into the larger community. She is a regular contributor to The Gardener for Canadian Climates magazine. She lives in Calgary where she runs her education and consulting company, Calgary’s Cottage Gardener.

Sheryl Normandeau is a freelance writer specializing in garden writing with hundreds of articles published. She is a regular contributor to The Gardener for Canadian Climates, The Prairie Garden Annual, Herb Quarterly and Mother Earth Gardener.

Each book sells for $15. More information about the books is available on the publisher’s website, Touchwood Editions.

Draw for copy of the Prairie Gardener’s Go-to for Vegetables

Congratulations to Lynn T. of Kelowna, BC, whose entry was randomly selected in our draw from 238 entries as the winner of a copy of one of the first two editions in the series.

Prairie Gardener's Go To for Vegetables
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