Book focuses on ornamental edibles

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Extraordinary Ornamental Edibles

Extraordinary Ornamental Edibles
Do you want a garden that looks good enough to eat? There’s a book to help. In his new book, Extraordinary Ornamental Edibles, Mike Lascelle, a nursery manager in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, lists 100 perennials, trees, shrubs and vines that both look and taste good.

He argues that planting and tending vegetables every year requires more effort than maintaining a backyard full of well-established hardy perennials that are also ebible. From akebia vine, with its scented flowers and tasty purple-skinned seed pods, to shade-loving Japanese zingiber, Lascelle identifies many options for Canadian gardeners that offer aesthetic and edible appeal. Each entry includes information on the plant’s ideal exposure, water needs, pollination requirements, and harvesting and food preparation suggestions.

He also provides details about microclimates, pests, ecological concerns, organic gardening tips, container growing, space-saving espaliers, propagation, grafting, pruning and design — such as selecting edible groundcovers and choosing plants for fall colour. And there are culinary suggestions and recipes for everything from herbal teas to tempura.

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Extraordinary Ornamental Edibles by Mike Lascelle is published by Douglas & McIntyre.

Order Extraordinary Ornamental Edibles from

Order Extraordinary Ornamental Edibles from

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8 thoughts on “Book focuses on ornamental edibles”

  1. Tulip petals and nasturtium blossoms have adorned my salads, and crystallized violets decorated spring birthday cakes. I would love to learn about the many other things that are both interesting in the garden and can be eaten. This sounds like a fascinating book.

  2. Hi ,
    It says enter the draw before May 28 , but in another spot it says contest closes in April?
    Did I read this wrong?
    Hope to win for my husband who is new to gardening and likes growing things to eat!

  3. Since I seem to be inseparable from Gout I might as well live with it. But sure like to know what I can eat an enjoy from my garden. Thank you for a great book. Best regards, Jimmy


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