Anemones plants have tall flowers that dip and bob atop long, wiry stems. (Photo by Walters Gardens, Inc.)

Plants that move

Beckie Fox

Increase your garden’s range of motion with plants that move and waltz in the wind — then sit back and enjoy the show

Ornamental grass 'Morning Light'

Ornamental grasses in bloom

Judith Adam

Roses and ornamental grasses in the front garden continue to bloom and prolong the seasonal display, much appreciated in autumn

How to seed a new lawn

Garden Making

Thick, green grass can be started from seed, too. This free tip sheet on how to seed a new lawn tells you how to save money and select a custom mixture.

Drought relief for lawns

Judith Adam

The drought continues and the few isolated bursts of rain have done little to relieve moisture-stressed lawns. However lawns can be kept reasonably green by sowing White clover (Trifolium repens) into the grass.

Variegated 'Morning Light' is a clump-forming ornamental grass. (Photo by Brendan Zwelling)

Ornamental grass bomb

Judith Adam

When digging out the invading ornamental grass roots, I was surprised to find a deep system of tough, resistant woody runners. It was impossible to get all of them out, and each autumn I have a major digging initiative to work on removing grass runners that have spread during the summer.

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