Ground to Cover

This display of a working greenhouse includes everything needed to grow tomatoes year round, including live bees.

Fun for gardeners at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

Kat Fox

I’ve gone to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair every November since 1994, but it has only been the past few ...

A happy bee on a Japanese anemone.

Urban beehives make tasty honey

Kat Fox

Healthy bee colonies are important. Here's what can we do to help make bees happy. Info about the role of urban bee colonies? She where honey come from.

Linda uses hoop houses to extend the growing season, so those lucky enough to get a weekly basket of produce through her CSA program receive a diverse selection through the year.

Tree & Twig Heirloom Vegetable Farm tasting

Kat Fox

Kat Fox taste-tests her way through the Tree and Twig Heirloom Vegetable Farm, and learns about the importance of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

Liz grows tomatoes, beans and lettuce in pots on her front driveway, where there is lots of sun and heat reflected from the concrete. The little terracotta pots on top of the bamboo stakes are decorative, and help keep the containers looking good to passersby on the road.

Beautiful gardens on Applewood Garden Tour

Kat Fox

The recent Applewood Garden Tour in Mississauga, Ont., included the garden of Liz Primeau, a regular contributor to Garden Making ...

The tomato cages and stakes just didn't cut it, and now a big wooden stick is trying to hold mo monster tomatoes back from the peppers in front. Marigolds and sage are hiding in the cinder blocks under my tomato monster, and I think they'll have to accept that their "time in the sun" has passed. That corner will never see sun again.

Lessons from the veggie garden

Kat Fox

It’s time for an update on my first ever vegetable bed.

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