Savings Seeds guide to preserving plant biodiversity

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Saving Seeds book cover
Saving Seeds book cover

Across Canada, 57% of households grow fruits, herbs, vegetables or flowers for personal use, according to Statistics Canada. A new book advocates that each of these home gardens has the potential to preserve vital biodiversity, if only we would let plants go to seed, harvest and preserve them. Saving Seeds, covers the essentials of seed saving, including seed selection criteria, harvest and storage tips, the role of seed-saving communities and seed companies.

For much of human history, farmers saved their own seed stocks to ensure a good harvest from year to year. In the past 50 years, governments became involved in seed saving, creating massive seed libraries, cataloguing thousands of varieties. There is a concern that plant biodiversity has been compromised in recent decades, as corporations have replaced heirloom varieties with genetic engineering.

The book’s author, Dan Jason, lives on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, where he founded the mail-order seed company Salt Spring Seeds.

Don Jason
Dan Jason, author of Savings Seeds book

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Saving Seeds: A Home Gardener’s Guide to Preserving Plant Bioversity by Dan Jason is published by Harbour Publishing; 96 pages; $14.95 list price.

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Draw to win a copy of the book

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  3. I often save seeds to add to my annual collection for the following year. The article by Beckie Fox on Hellebores convinced me I should do more. Hopefully I win the book on saving seeds.

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