Superbells Cherry Star calibrachoa

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Superbells Cherry Star calibrachoa (Photo by Proven Winners)

This calibrachoa is from Proven Winners, the newest colour combination in their Superbells collection. Although known for their vigor and heat tolerance, the plants are susceptible to rot if watered too frequently—wait until the top few inches of soil is dry before watering. Calibrachoas look a bit like miniature petunias, to which they’re related. But unlike most petunias, these plants don’t need deadheading. For fuller plants, trim back straggly stems.

Key facts about Superbells Cherry Star calibrachoa

  • 10 in (25 cm) tall, 21 in (53 cm) wide
  • Full sun

The yellow star markings on the pink blooms are a new colour pattern for calibrachoas, which are useful filler or trailing plants in mixed containers. —Beckie Fox, Garden Making

No. 14 of 15 New Plants for 2012

This is one of 15 new and noteworthy plants for 2012 showcased in the Garden Making feature garden at Canada Blooms 2012.

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New plants are tested for local growing conditions in trial gardens such as at the University of Guelph.

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1 thought on “Superbells Cherry Star calibrachoa”

  1. My Cherry Star Callie did not branch much this summer. There were blooms only on the ens of the long upward-reachjing branches. It was on the south side of the house, full sun, was not reaching for more light. I did prune twice, but each time, had to wait a long time for the pruned parts to start blooming again. And again, only bloomed on the ends of long branches. Pruning for most other plants triggers branching, but not on the plant. It just takes a while to start up and continue the long branch from where the cut was made. Very disappointing!


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