beginner gardening

Garden Tour – Schomberg Horticultural Society

Eleonora Schmied

Annual Garden Tour of numerous gardens in and around Schomberg in Beautiful King Township. This tour features small in town ...

The tomato cages and stakes just didn't cut it, and now a big wooden stick is trying to hold mo monster tomatoes back from the peppers in front. Marigolds and sage are hiding in the cinder blocks under my tomato monster, and I think they'll have to accept that their "time in the sun" has passed. That corner will never see sun again.

Lessons from the veggie garden

Kat Fox

It’s time for an update on my first ever vegetable bed.

First attempt at starting seeds indoors

Kat Fox

The top of my refrigerator ended up being the only suitable place for starting seeds indoors, because it’s out of the way and close enough to the light.

Preparing to garden with a gardening journal

Kat Fox

First thing into the gardening journal was a list of all my seeds. I’ll keep track of progress in my gardening journal, and jot down any new ideas.

'Cinnamon' poinsettia

Discovering new poinsettias

Kat Fox

Poinsettias bloom just in time for the holiday season. They can live under the worst light conditions for three to four weeks, and longer with more light.